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Big Sur Ventana/SilverPeak Trailmap
with Camps, Water Sources, and Points of Interest
for wilderness explorers

Trail & camp locations on many maps of the Big Sur Ventana & Silver Peak Wilderness Areas are incorrect!  This Big Sur Trailmap provides accurate trail and camp locations based on local knowledge (GPS'd), and also locally-known "use trails", non-obvious water sources, waterfalls, and other features in Big Sur wilderness areas and state parks.  Updated weekly from local reports. 

Wilderness hikers take note:      You cannot assume a wilderness trail will be passable or followable!   click
    Wilderness trail usability ⇒ trailmap line width   click
    Extreme drought - historically "perennial" water sources may not be reliable click

To view map of wilderness trail conditions click
Colors show overgrown trails - can switch to detailed "Trailmap" display

To view a "Gmap4" Quadrangle Trailmap,  click
USGS quadrangle map provides context and terrain contours

To download single-page-printable Trailmap sections,  click
Trailmap trails, camps, etc. are overlaid on a printable (PDF) USGS quadrangle map

To download a Trailmap link for your PC's "Google Earth",  click
Saving this GE link to "My Places" will automatically load the latest trailmap at each GE start

To download a Garmin-format Trailmap for your GPS,  click
Routable, so along-trail distances can be obtained as you hike
Jan 3: Mac version now available for BaseCamp installation

To use the Trailmap in a smartphone GPS app click
Multiple options exist, depending upon the app  

  To compute route metrics between two locations,  click
  with interactive trailmap   Gives mileage & cumulative elevation gain/loss

For trailmap user experiences  (from other websites) click

For trailmap legend information (displays line and icon symbols),  click

For Sykes Camp and Hot Spring info and maps,  click

To search Big Sur geographic place name database (gives description and location map),  click
(If match not found in Big Sur Trailmap database, Google search results are provided)

To download GPX files for individual trails, camps, or water sources,  click
(Please note its copyright restriction to individual use, i.e. its data is not to be promulgated to a public source such as AllTrails or OpenStreetMap.)

To display a specified location quadrangle map  (Lat/Lon OR UTM OR Section/Township/Range),  click

To create an interactive map webpage for your route or location,  click

For my thoughts on places to visit in the Big Sur wilderness,  click

For my thoughts on longer backpacks in the Big Sur wilderness,  click

For my thoughts on choosing a GPS for hiking,  click

For Big Sur Map Collection (includes historical trail maps),  click

For Monterey County (not Big Sur) GoogleEarth/Garmin Map Collection,  click

For additional Ventana/SilverPeak wilderness links and information (Ventana Wilderness Alliance),  click

For additional Big Sur links and information, hiking and non-hiking (Big Sur Chamber of Commerce),  click

There will likely be Poison Oak no matter where you go, creek crossings can be difficult or even dangerous should there be a large rainfall event, some previously "perennial" water sources have been occasionally dry after successive drought years. 

Trailmap Notes:
Wilderness trail usability => trailmap line width :   Trails with VWA Trail Reports have differing widths for different segments depending upon the latest reported conditions, thicker meaning more usable.  (Based upon my parsing of latest reports, the widths range from 4 down to 1 for better to worse trail conditions.)  Please recognize that these ratings are rough as conditions may differ greatly along different sections of a trail - consult the VWA reports for detailed trail information, available as a link on a trail's info window popup.  When no reports are available, as for state park and use trails, the nominal widths are: trails = 3, usetrails = 2, "historic" trails = 1.  Ratings necessarily depend upon the latest reported conditions.  This is a "planning" feature so implemented only in the browser and GoogleEarth versions, not in single-page-printable and Garmin-format trailmaps.  Left-click on trail for a summary of its current condition and a link to the latest VWA trail report. 
Orange trail is a non-USFS "use trail"  (trail condition unknown)
Black trail/camp is "historic", i.e. no longer used
Tan campground has nearby public vehicular access (possibly 4-wheel-drive only)
Water information may be questionalbe during a severe drought year

General Browser Usage Notes:
Mouse left click on trail/camp/etc displays feature info
Mouse drag moves map
Mouse wheel zooms in/out at cursor
Icon position not exact if two icons overlap (as icons then offset for better display)
Can get missing segments or icons if zoom in/out too quickly, before line/point re-draw has time to complete
If map loses trails or becomes otherwise confused, use browser "Reload" button
If info "bubble" is displayed, zoom-in will include bubble site (useful for forcing zoom-in to include desired location)
For Browser Printing:   use browser "File->Print Preview", adjust if necessary (often "Landscape" is better than "Portrait"), then click "Print"[sometimes, e.g. in older browsers, you must select Page 1 only for "Portrait" orientation or Page 2 only for "Landscape" orientation] 
For Google Maps Printing:   its "Print" link provides another printing option. 
For One-Page-Printable Quadrangle Map Sections:   click
Note that available inkjet-printer-compatible synthetic papers are tear-resistant, grease-resistant, and water-resistant/proof (~50/90¢ per sheet) - one on-line source is Hi-Performance Papers

Gmap4-specific Usage Notes:
Backgrounds "Satellite", "Terrain", "USGS Topo", "MyTopo", and "Map" (ala Google Maps) are also available   (under top right "topo" menu)
The "MyTopo" quadrangle map background includes USFS trail and camp locations (but much is inaccurate!)  

GoogleEarth-specific Usage Notes:
Website trail/camp/etc GPX file downloads broken:   Google Earth has now added an internal browser, which instead of saving a GPX file download from this website as a normal browser would, will try (unsuccessfully!) to display it in GE, even if you try to defeat this behavior by enabling the "Show web results in external browser" option.  To download a trail/camp/etc GPX file, you must instead use one of the Big Sur Trailmap options which opens directly in a browser or use the GPX file download webpage.
Note that Google Earth can also display quadrangle topo maps as a background - for instructions on installing and using them see Adding Topographic Enhancements to Google Earth
You can "fly" Google Earth to many geographical features by typing a name such as "Cabezo Prieto" into the "Search/FlyTo" entry box.  Apparently this works for all features named on a USGS topo map.  Entering a partial name can also produce useful results, e.g. "Doolans Hole" is not in the database but will be found if entered because "Doolans Hole Creek" is in the database.  Adding ", CA" will limit the results to California.  And entering a latitude+longitude (in a format known to GE) will "fly" GE to that location. 
Note that while Google Earth will directly read GPX files, it also filters them by eliminating some points.  So if you download the tracklog from your GPS directly to Google Earth, the full detail of your track will not be displayed.  But GE does not filter Google-Earth-format files.  If you wish to see all recorded GPS points, you can use the free gpsBabel software to both download the tracklog from your GPS and convert it to a GE-format KMZ file for loading into GE.  Alternatively, you can use Garmin's BaseCamp or MapSource software to download the tracklog and then use gpsBabel to convert that file into a KMZ file. 

Disclaimer: the provided information is believed the best available but can contain errors. 

If you have something to contribute or find an error, you can send an email to Jack Glendening at: or post to the Trailmap Forum.  Trailmap additions or corrections will be credited. 

VWA Volunteer Spotlight:   Jack Glendening   ( creator)

This information is provided 'as is', without any warranty of any kind. 
The information and data on this website are copyrighted by John W. Glendening.  You may freely search, view, download and print the documents and information contained on this site for personal and non-commercial purposes.  Public use of this data must be attributed to Jack Glendening.  In particular, it is not to be placed on public websites such as Open Street Map or All Trails by those thieves who would steal from others instead of doing work themselves, yet present that work as being theirs.  GPX file copyright